The Playshop comes in a two hour practical morning training via zoom, 10-12am (gmt), afternoon free worktime, concluding with a zoom review of your favourite sketchbook pages to help find the elements that are the building blocks of your artistic style, 3-4pm (gmt). 

Find your Artistic Style Through Sketchbooks!

Play-shop via zoom

Sunday 20th June

  • Are you trying all of the everything of art styles & techniques and still not knowing what really works for you?

  • Do you feel vague or lost when it comes to creating a cohesive look to your work? What makes your work yours?

  • Do you sketch but not know how to translate this into finished artworks? 

  • Or are you boring yourself with the rut your current style has fallen into?

This one day play-shop is for you, no matter what your medium or level of experience.
Through practise and play in sketchbooks we will produce patterns and themes that will form the foundation of your unique artistic style.

Get This Arty Started!

Self-Led, 6 month online course to side-step your blocks and develop a creative habit

By the end of this course you will be able to:

>side-step your blocks or procrastination

> feel greater freedom to step out of your comfort zone

> have a toolbox of different art techniques to play with

> be more creative with the variety of tools you use and the space you create in

> have created a stash of images and work

> have pulled some of your stash into at least two projects with finished artworks that you love

> be able to change your old stories and connect with your vision

> have developed a regular creative habit

> recognise and dodge your old delaying tactics

> understand how mood affects your work, be able to alter or work with it


This course is a pre-recorded, 6 month self-led programme so you can go at your own pace, dip in and out, as and when you choose, wherever you may be!