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Colour My Mojo!

Annual 10 week online course, next starting
Saturday 3rd September 2022

Learning about your own personal relationship with colour is the quickest, easiest way to transform your painting, no matter what your genre!

  • Understand your own relationship and journey with colour

  • Know your way around how colour and mark making works and how to use these to express yourself

  • Strengthen your art and be able to move through a painting, through it's icky phases, to create finished artworks you truly love

  • Turn up at the page or canvas with pleasure and excitement rather than uncertainty or anxiety

  • Develop a toolbox of tips and tricks, using a minimum of materials, to make your creative life fun and easy

  • Develop your own new colour palettes to create expressive art that is distinctively yours

You have a world of colour in your head, in your heart, but…

  • You stutter to get the colours onto the page

  • The colours never turn out how you envision them

  • When you try to make the colours you want but they all turn to mud

  • You think you have ruined your art and feel like an imposter

It’s ok - you can find the way out. The good stuff is right there inside you. I’m here for you, we’ve got this!

Get This Arty Started!

Self-Led, 6 month online course to side-step your blocks and develop a creative habit

By the end of this course you will be able to:

>side-step your blocks or procrastination

> feel greater freedom to step out of your comfort zone

> have a toolbox of different art techniques to play with

> be more creative with the variety of tools you use and the space you create in

> have created a stash of images and work

> have pulled some of your stash into at least two projects with finished artworks that you love

> be able to change your old stories and connect with your vision

> have developed a regular creative habit

> recognise and dodge your old delaying tactics

> understand how mood affects your work, be able to alter or work with it


This course is a pre-recorded, 6 month self-led programme so you can go at your own pace, dip in and out, as and when you choose, wherever you may be! 

Best Value 

Buy now for £297

Payment Plan

6 payments of £55

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