Empowering You!

Do you want to truely love your body? To feel deep gratitude, self love, joy and self confidence? Do you want to know you have the strength and passion to achieve your dreams, to make a difference in the world?

These things are all possible by daily connection with those feelings through the visual anchor of your own Empowering Abstract Portrait.

When we are stuck in the busy-ness of life it is easy to feel like we lose a little of ourselves, to be all "up in our heads" and disconnected from our bodies, and physical sensations. We often dislike parts of our body or feel shame for them not looking the way the media portrays as the "ideal". This can make us depressed, lacking in drive or passion. It can affect how we interact with others in our work, socially, with loved ones, or with ourselves. It can wear away our self esteem and we often feel stuck, unseen, unheard and unable to achieve all that we desire.  Trust me. I've been there!

I have spent most of life feeling unattractive, awkward and invisible. I have been a people-pleaser, putting my own hopes and dreams on a back-burner. I have lacked confidence in my abilities and labelled myself as a dreamer and a non-achiever.

Through my own personal development journey through yoga, meditation, tantra, a loving, supportive womens group and many, many books I know that I have everything I need within me, I just need to reconnect with that, to lose the old stories that no longer serve me. 

I was also a blocked artist for most of my life, not having found my Thing! Until I faced a fear and tried life drawing! I was terrified, and I had no idea why...clearly my fear was showing me my Thing! I have learnt that through drawing the human form, we see the beauty, vulnerability, power and joy in everyone. When we look at a figurative painting we are not body-shaming or judging, we are looking and connecting with art.

I recently drew my own body and painted it on canvas...and through this I gradually felt real love and gratitude for my body. I can feel my self confidence and passion grow daily, whenever I connect with those paintings. They are visual anchors to the emotions I was feeling when I painted them. 

The Solution!

Though the combination of connecting with our inner joy and my drawing you from those emotions to create an Empowering Abstract Portrait, you can then use your painting to anchor you to those feelings and help you to grow your body connection, self-love, self-confidence and joy on a daily basis!

If you want to feel bold, confident, ready to make a change in the world and joyous and passionate about your life, register now for your own Empowering Abstract Portrait and let's get started! Scroll down for details of the process, with our clarity call, sitting process, my painting process, prices and delivery.

Limited time offer!

To work with me to create the Luxury Empowering Abstract Portrait experience it is £5,249, but if you sign up with me and we create your luxury painting before the end of this year, it will be only £2,549 , that's less than HALF PRICE!     

Exciting, but slightly terrifying? Trust me, payment plans are available!

Luxury Package Bonus! you will also receive a pack of the sketches involved in creating your Empowering Abstract Portrait. These sketches will look great framed and hung on your walls! 

"When I took the decision to ask Kate to paint me, I was approaching my 40th birthday. I was carrying a bit of extra weight when I sat for Kate but was feeling confident about where I was in my life at that time. Now my body is proudly displayed on my living room wall in all its glory. I look at it often and admire my thighs and the curvature of my hips and see that strong, set, and determined jawline and feel immensely proud of myself for throwing off societies shackles (along with my bra). Every visitor to our home can it help but notice, admire or comment on the beautiful painting and especially comment on how empowering it must be for me to have Kate’s work displayed so prominently." Fiona Bishop

There are only 6 spots available for the HALF PRICE Empowering Abstract Portrait before the price goes up! Two have gone already, so if you are interested in the Limited Time Offer, best to be quickety snippety! Register your interest in the links or DM me.

As an additional BONUS for the Luxury Package you will also get an audio file of the love-shower meditation process we use in the sitting, for you to repeat whenever you want.

Got any Questions? Message me! 

How much will my Empowering Abstract Portrait cost?

2021 Early Bird Offers!

LUXURY ARTWORK 90x150cm                                £5,249*

FULL SIZE  80x100cm canvas                                  £1,249

BASIC  60x60cm or 80x60cm canvas                       £749

PAYMENT PLANS are available so you can pay in instalments towards your finished artwork.

*see limited time offer below....less than half price in 2021

The Process:

  • We start with a Clarity Call to discuss your desires for the painting, size, timeframe. I will ask you some questions about you, what you want of our work together, your Why!

  • I will confirm with a proposal email to set to commission details, price, process and timings. At this point a £250 non-refundable instalment is payable to begin the process, or part payment of your payment plan.

  • Sketch Process - for a personal life study. A two hour sitting, with breaks between poses, to create two to three pose sketches to choose from. During this session I will take you through a short meditation and then my Love-Shower Process to connect you to your self-love and joy. This can be via Zoom, photos or in person. Zoom and photos allow us to each remain at home and for you to be completely in your comfort zone.

  • Creation Process - once the sketch or concept is approved by you, please allow 2 to 4 weeks creation time. I'll keep you informed of progress.

  • Completion - When your artwork is finished I'll send a photo and invoice for the final installation payment. Once the payment is confirmed, I will courier or personally deliver you commission portrait to you.