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Everyday is a Learning Day!

Self development, improvement, learning is in every day.

As long as we actively choose to notice what we can learn from our day, we can feel the real benefit from learning from others, from ourselves, about others, the wider world and our own inner selves.

Over the past 7 years, in particular, I have studied with mentors, coaches, taken a wide variety of art and mindset/personal development courses online and delivered my own courses, creating two online courses most recently.

My mother, a textile artist, was a strong advocate of courses and learning throughout our lives, saying it was like "getting a new pair of specs", as you see the world slightly differently.

I also repeat courses, especially online where you have access to the material for much longer than the duration of the course. I have just reached the end of a 10 week course that I dearly wanted to take - to immerse myself in - to work deeply into my learning, but it came at a very busy and distracting time for me (with Art in the Pen etc). By the end of the course, having created the painting above and the beginnings of a whole new series, I felt I had skated over the surface of the course, barely leaving a trace. I am now looking forward to the sparser days of the autumn and winter where I will have more time and headspace to repeat the process (albeit without the live content and tutor access). I look forward to exploring what comes up in me, during the course, much more deeply. Much like reading a book or watching a film for a second or third time, we all notice new things and enjoy it more profoundly than our first pass.

With this in mind I have made sure that my new course, Colour my Mojo, exploring our personal relationships with colour in art, although running live for 10 weeks form 4th September, has the content available for this kind of private deep mining for a full 12 months.

The creation of the course has been a long one. The notion of it started forming around January this year, as I ran colour forages in my facebook group, Creative Hands Tribe and really examining what colour means to me, in every area of my life. Considering how that has and will again shift and change and emerge in my art. I tried to break this down into chapters as though writing a book. I even inadvertently nearly mirrored the format of someone else's incredible, colour course I had attended nearly 2 years ago, which has clearly formed a distinct structure in my mind. It is, of course, vital to not plagiarise from others, so with this recognised I swiftly returned to my reason for creating this desire to express myself in art, in colour and enable others to release this inner world in their own way too.

With the journey of my own connections with colour through my life clear, it was amazing how swiftly the creation of Colour my Mojo unfolded, when the early days had felt like hard work. Creating from a place of alignment with our own natural path is vital to getting into a state of flow!

This is something I hope to release in those choosing to follow Colour My Mojo.

KM 29/8/21

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