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Getting in the flow?

Who doesn't love a good flow chart?!

The past few weeks I have been gently getting my studio processes in order...cue messy shot of the studio floor with paintings piled up...

So with deep gratitude to the artist membership, connected Artist, that I've been part of for a few years now, I am now fitting in new habits to make studio time around my work in the Saltbox Gallery. I'm back to making art I love and wanting to get this out into the world.

My paintings represent the human form, which may look different to the one you inhabit, yet we are all the same and unique all at once! Art is my self expression and a way to feel seen and heard...something I think we all need.

So I now have thought through my whole process, AFTER creating the paintings. They need cleaning up, signing, naming, photographing and storing. The photos need cropping and sorting into folders for uploading to the website and for use in marketing....on and on! It's easy to miss a step so I got it all drawn out into a flow chart and stuck to my studio wall.

Today I spent a happy hour just on the photos, so I thought I would pause and show you where I've got to!

New products are now up on the website and there's a pile of paintings ready for framing.

Want a look? Head over to my Artshop on this website!

There will be more to come and they will be viewable and available at North Yorkshire Open Studios, over the first two weekends in do pop that into your calendar now!

Do you have flow charts for processes you need to work out?

KM 22/2/24

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