There are many little things that I have got by without in 2020, but, underneath, I do ache and  long for. I have not worked on small paintings for almost 2 years now.  I felt inspired, as 2020 moves into 2021, to create a series of paintings to reflect my Little Longings for 2021.


"Helping Hands" reflects my wish to help other stuck creatives, blocked artists and people wanting to liberate themselves from their body issues....all the areas that I work in. I am so greatful for the distanced helping hands I have experienced in 2020, especially in my art communities, but with all manner of people reaching out and sharing little kindnesses to help each other through the dark days. I long for this out reaching and giving to continue into and well beyond 2021.


Each "21" painting is in acrylic on 20x20cm x4.5cm  deep chunky canvas.

£4 uk p&p

"Helping Hands" 21 Little Longings for 2021

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