There are many little things that I have got by without in 2020, but, underneath, I do ache and  long for. I have not worked on small paintings for almost 2 years now.  I felt inspired, as 2020 moves into 2021, to create a series of paintings to reflect my Little Longings for 2021.


"Ballet Performances" oh boy! Our theatres, our actors, our dancers and all the supporting industry! Oh how I have missed being swept away in the magic of performance, being spun and woven into one being with the rest of the audience and the gentle dissolving as we leave the theatre at the end. Ballet, modern/contemporary style for me, is especially emotive for me. I get so enthralled I feel I am dancing with them!


Each "21" painting is in acrylic on 20x20cm x4.5cm  deep chunky canvas.

£4 uk p&p

"Ballet Performances" 21 Little Longings for 2021

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