There are many little things that I have got by without in 2020, but, underneath, I do ache and  long for. I have not worked on small paintings for almost 2 years now.  I felt inspired, as 2020 moves into 2021, to create a series of paintings to reflect my Little Longings for 2021.


"Raspberry Nipples" is a very personal favourite experience! Raspberries are my favourite fruit and not only do the look like a nipple, they often, conveniently, fit onto a them be eaten off! I miss sharing this experience and I ache a little at the sight of raspberries!


Each "21" painting is in acrylic on 20x20cm x4.5cm  deep chunky canvas.

£4 uk p&p

"Raspberry Nipples" 21 Little Longings for 2021

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