I am all about celebrating our amazing human bodies...because....they are INCREDIBLE! YOU are incredible! In my work I connect to all that is powerful, sensuous, tender, beautiful and joyous in the person I am drawing and painting.


I especially love to work with people seeking to celebrate or reclaim their body in some way. This can be a very powerful process in improving your own body image or consciousness. Or you may just wish to mark a milestone or own a very personal original artwork. 

If you feel to celebrate you body, your life, in one of these ways, then come commission me! I am committed to creating 100 body celebration painting over the next 5 years...so let's go!

The process is all quite simple really! Obviously at the moment it is best to work in our own homes, so we can do this via Zoom, or photographs. This also means you can remain in your comfort zone as much as possible. I have limited commission spaces available in the year. So check in with me and we can discuss time-frames.

I can create a figurative painting, of you (or a model, if you don't want a Selfie!) on paper or canvas. I prefer to work in person, but can work from photographs if necessary.


Who is this for? Can anyone commission a Body Celebration Painting?


Price guide and payment packages available


How do we do this?

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