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 I’m a Yorkshire artist focusing on the human form and expressive colour.

🖌My studio is squished into my attic, reached by a ladder…but it’s mine!

🖌I find a sense of beauty in every person, every environment, every day…seeing and celebrating this is my spirituality.

🖌The connection with others, the recognition that we are unique and all the same all at once, gives me joy and meaning.

🖌I hope to reflect a little of this in my art and that it will, in turn, mean something, connect with you!🖌My paintings are always from life and I work with incredible professional life models around the world via zoom.

🖌The colours I use reflect the emotions and warmth of human connection. The abstract shapes and lines are like dance, full of feeling.

🖌I offer personal commissions. During covid, before discovering life drawing via zoom, I started to draw my own body, clothed and unclothed and soon discovered the difference in the gaze. Seeing myself in a mirror was full of judgement and discomfort. Seeing myself in art brought love and appreciation. This is my commission offering…try it, it may surprise you!

🖌All my work is available for you to buy, in the DM’s or my website.

🖌Many people hang my nudes in their bedrooms…you might be bolder!

🖌My more stylised, abstracted paintings in rich warm colours add personality to any wall

🖌I believe Art makes a Home. This is the foundation of the Saltbox Gallery in Helmsley, which I co-own with my dance friend Sarah and share with The Lovely Robbie!

Do pop in, we’re open 11-4.30 every day.


I am a painter of people.
I reflect what I see in a person,
in my art

We Contain Multitudes

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Kate Moores, Oakwood , Main Street, West Tanfield

Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK HG4 5JJ

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