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I am a painter of people.

I reflect what I see in a person,

in my art

I'm Kate. Think of me as your friendly, free-spirited, charcoal-covered fellow artist and celebrator of humanity!

Why Figurative Art? Why Me?

Why Now?

“Why figurative art, Kate? Why are you always drawing nudes?!

”Because it is what sets my soul on fire.

Because it is the one single thing that was my epiphany, my liberation from 50 years as a blocked artist

Because through it I can connect with other’s emotions and express them

Because through it I can express myself in a way I can’t in words

Because I am a sensual being and I connect with all my senses in the face of the nude

Because it has massively changed my own body positivity

Because it can massively change others body positivity

Because we are all extraordinary humans

Because the nude expresses so much about humanity

Because there is joy and love in the nude, not judgement

Because the nude is not rude, it is art, it is love

Because it sets my soul on fire! 


A bit of backstory 

Kate the Prequel!

As a child I had an unspoken knowledge, deep inside me, that I was an artist (whatever that meant at a young age) but it was my inner knowing, my identity.

Despite my textile artist mothers best efforts, I was never told I could be or do whatever I wanted. Under a repressive father both my and my mothers artistic abilities were shrunk. I felt neither seen nor heard.

Now these patterns can become steadfast blocks as an adult and although I yearned to be an Artist (with a capital A, like my heros) it felt impossible, taken from me. My attempts at creativity felt so precious it hurt, especially when my handiwork didn't live up to my expectations. 

I tried all manner of crafts and arty short courses but could never find my One Thing.

I had this story that Artists had their One Thing that they excelled at, that was their passion...which I now know is a fallacy.


All this was until the day I face a fear and finally attended an introduction to Life Drawing day course. I was petrified and couldn't understand why. I went in shaking. When I left I felt like I could spread my wings and FLY! My epiphany moment!

I strongly believe that our fear often points us to the important things we need, or why else feel the fear?


Of course, it makes sense. I think the human body is extraordinary and beautiful - all of them! I love to dance, to move my body, to connect with each of my senses in a conscious, truly sensual way. I love connecting with people and am fascinated in how we can just know and like a person in an instant, even when not in person.

All of these things come to me and pour out on to the page when I am drawing. Especially when drawing from life, expressing the nude with all the emotion, strength and vulnerability of the person in front of me, And this fills me with JOY! 


So with minimal art education I am exploring all I can of my art form and revel in the freedom of not having to follow a rule book, but to find my won art, my own way. I continue to expand my personal liberation and, at last, feel both seen and heard like never before! 


I want this for others too. I am determined to help others avoid the years of emptiness and side step their creative blocks, to become liberated Artists!

This is why I created Creative Hands Courses, to share all that I have learnt along my way, to now, and ongoing. A series of short courses will return in 2023.

Do browse and buy my art here and lets see where our journey together takes us, as Artists and Collectors alike!

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Kate Moores, Oakwood , Main Street, West Tanfield

Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK HG4 5JJ

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