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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

No matter how much we love our jobs or our creative life...we still procrastinate! It's natural. It seems to be something that I have really built a solid skill and habit for!

So here are my Top Five Distractions:

  1. Scrolling! Yup...I love to scroll on Instagram. Following people who inspire me, checking in on those who follow me and being social...yes? Oh I wish! I often just loose myself in the scroll....ooh...look at that! Although I DO engage, I'm not as social as I'd like. I'm still an introvert after's easy to hide behind the if you catch help me engage.

  2. Journaling. I fill endless notebooks, year after year. Often notes for creative ideas, business ideas, interesting stuff I've found in my scroll, in a book, on a podcast, but mostly full of stories that come from my nightly film-like dreams!

  3. Planning. I do love a list and calendar filling, and I do also actually need to DO THE WORK! Journal ideas lead to bullet journal planning, calendar filling and now I'm starting with Trello...!

  4. Lunchtime Netflix. If I've spent all morning in my studio, I like to have a little down time. Eat lunch on my sofa and watch an episode of something light and fluffy on Netflix....oh...and maybe one more...! THAT the time?!

  5. Fridge Browsing. If I'm really not feeling the vibe and I'm doing all I can to distract myself from the job in hand (well, on the easel more likely) my taste buds get bored and want entertaining. Grapes and cubes of cheddar anyone?!

Sometimes I catch myself in these procrastination patterns. I do have a number of tricks up my sleeve to shift my energy into creativity. These mostly involve either music or fresh air.

What about you?


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