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Frank Bowling - Art Hero

I don't remember when Frank Bowling first appeared on my radar. I often seek out the work of artists listed as influences on others I admire and follow links and trails into artistic rabbitholes!

Frank Bowlings life story is easy to find. You really don't need me to provide a is a very helpful thing. Just enjoy a selection of my photos!

Frank is now 85 and still paints everyday. His life's work has been to explore every possibility of paint....he's still going! Largely unheard of and overlooked, there is now, at last, a large retrospective of his work at Tate Britain. You will find nine rooms of joy!

Colour, texture, challenging ideas and joy!

You can follow Frank Bowling on instagram and there's a lively #frankbowling to explore. Since my trip to the exhibition earlier this month I have been asking other random instagrammers which their favourite room as (impossible to choose one work!). This trip was the first time I have seen even ONE of Frank's works in reality. To have his life in paint laid out over nine rooms was hugely emotional for me. To be honest, there were several pieces I could have happily sat in front of (probably tearfully!) for hours! For me, personally, rooms 3 and 7 were where I dissolved. It is a mind, body, spirit response to art. Seeing his progress, reading his ideas and learning of his experimental techniques adds to the whole experience.

So, if you have the opportunity, do get along to Tate Britain by 26th August and explore for yourself. Let me know your thoughts. Alternatively search out his work on social media, buy a book, but do seek him out for yourself.

Be Inspired!

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