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Refresh, review and rejuvenate!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

After a very refreshing, spacious Christmas break, my mind has naturally turned to reviewing and planning.

I bought myself a big red bullet journal, A4 size so there's more than enough space to let rip!

After some brainstorming on a big sheet of reused paper, I planned out all the areas of my life that are important to me, that I don't want to overlook or let slip, plus the big important bits that can't be missed. I'm creating an index as I go and each area has at least one double page spread for ideas, dreams and planning. I also put in a calendar of the big events happening and put in some planning points back from those, so I am well prepared for, say, Open Studios happening in June, with no panic.

Something new that has happened this year though is the REVIEW process! I have recently joined an awesome artists membership programme and have, as a result, done my first in depth review of what went well, or not so well for me last year, what I did to make things work, things learnt by hindsight and much more juicy stuff. This was primarily aimed at my art business, but it is also important to take a holistic look!

And then I got to dream BIG ...about what I want my art to be, in the future, if there were no obstacles! This was the fun bit! Thinking then of the small steps that I can start to put in place to get to those dreams has now filtered into my planning for this year...into my bullet journal!

You see a LOT of colourful and elaborate bullet journals on Pinterest...mine is pretty plain and function...I save my artistic touches for other things!

In the process of this I am also going to be rejuvenating my studio and then my there is a January Studio Clear Out Sale happening now to make way for the juicy new stuff!

So if you want to snaffle a bargain, use BIGLOVE20 in the checkout for a discount on artwork, January 2022 only!

What are your reviewing or planning tools and how do they work for you?

KM 10/1/22

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