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The week that was, in my Studio

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Following my new year process of reviewing the year that has gone and planning all that I want this year to hold, I have begun in earnest to put these things into action! Now to ensure I remember to have a balance of everything and that I don't forget things, I have set up prompts in my calendar. My weeks are now laid out with;

Miracle Mornings (with meditation, affirmations, visualisations, journaling and so on)

Art Biz Hour (the essential admin of the self-employed)

Studio Time (3 or 4 hours a day of creativity)

This structure has really helped me feel balanced and taken away my fear of forgetting something important and maintaining all the things that are necessary, not just for me to work well, but for my mind and body to stay healthy too.

So in addition to this lot this week has also involved some regular events such as my Ask Me Anything Monday, a live Q&A that I run on Instagram (12noon uk time if you'd like to join in!)

I have also spent chunks of time working on some techy stuff and social media work for my local gallery, Masham Gallery, where I work one day a week. Monday evening is also currently when I visit a friend who needs a little support and social interaction right now.

Tuesday I had not one, but TWO life drawing's a pic from each of these, plus a snap from an Artist Date to Studley Royal in the afternoon.

Wednesday is always very full as I have an excellent one and a half hour yoga class plus a womens group meeting on zoom.

Thursday is my Saturday, my weekend, and also features an art membership group call. Friday was a very chilled out Sunday for me, with a framing appointment with my latest commission client and a little painting of woodwork in the living room....on going diy projects!

Then to Saturday...the beginning of my working week and I have found another life drawing group that I am enjoying. I think I like it especially because it is a morning session, finishing at lunchtime, when all my other life drawing groups are in the evenings or later at night. So, to have gone through my Miracle Morning process then a fabulous life drawing session (pics below) I am done by lunchtime and still have a lovely long afternoon in the studio and a free evening...which was very happily spent watching the second part of The Beatles, Let it Be documentary with fabulous friends! Sweet balance!

I notice there is a difference in my work suddenly! This sort of sudden shift has happened before, every year in fact. It interests me that it is not the gentle gradual development (though I am sure that is also happening) but that sometimes my work suddenly shifts, something new comes out of the end of the charcoal! I hope you see it too.

So...that was the week that was! I feel I am stepping into a new stage, a new me, a new focus and I feel moved that you feel to share that with me, to read my Scribblings from my Studio!

KM 16/1/22

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