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Turf, Paint and Opening Doors!

"Bag End" as our home, Oakwood, is affectionately named. has been a hive of activity!

Husband Phil has been toiling away clearing a horrendously overgrown section of our front garden, with a tree root-ball dug out and all the stones removed. It is now raked level and tamped down ready for a lawn. Yes, like a carpet, we have rolls of turf, delivered today, to magically transform the front garden, just as the carpet transformed our living room two weeks ago!

The front door will be repainted...hopefully something BOLD, ready to welcome visitors in for North Yorkshire Open Studios over the next two weekends (4/5 and 11/12 June, 10am to 5pm).

Inside I have been sanding plaster, painting walls and...of course...painting artworks and creating mini art so there is something for every pocket!

There's still a lot to do and although my social media campaign to spread the word about NYOS and the local artists around me...I am still nervous as to just how many, if any, people will turn out. It's a busy weekend after all this time!

I have my event insurance to renew, my system set up for people to sign up to my newsletter by various means, my website to update with new products, the card reader to charge and double check it still works, QR codes to create and print to take visitors to my website. big yellow arrow signs to put out around the village, an easel and furniture to move, community project to prepare, kids art corner to set up and all this before I have even rehung any art on the walls!

I am also planning to do some live shares of the event on social media, so if your are unable to get to North Yorkshire, I will being my Open Studios to you!

Now...what have I forgotten?

Watch this space!

KM 30/5/22

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