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What I really, really want....

I better!

As I looked back at my early work, above, during my recent studio clear out, I could see, not a gradual change, but marked jumps. It's as though my style plateaus for a while, until, suddenly, there's a shift...a dramatic, unplanned shift. My work suddenly changes and it happens, not as a conscious choice, it just seems to flow out of my fingertips onto the page!

As I listened to my favourite podcast, Art Juice, recently I was struck by this question. If I could make any art, if there were no obstacles like space, time, money, equipment, confidence, skill etc, what would I most want to create?

This sent my mind racing, this excited me!

I having been dreaming of art at night, of huge great canvases, giant compositions of faces, of limbs, of extraordinary human creations! I dream I am swimming in a vast rainbow ocean of swirling colours. I feel the cool, dry, buttery charcoal on my fingers!

And this question had a challenge attached. What tiny step can you take towards that work, right now? OH BOY!

So as I enjoy the latest subtle shift that has come, since Christmas, and evident in the new work below, I am now asking myself if I can ask, invite a greater shift, make better art that I love even more than I love my current work. Where and how can I get better? What tiny step can I take next?

I can feel something brewing, something cooking inside me. Something is coming. I can't see it yet. But still, I am trusting my intuition. I am welcoming it, calling it. It feels beautiful and immense. Watch this space!

KM 19/2/22

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