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Always learning, wherever we go...

Feeding our inner artist, our inner creativity is really important. To step back, pause, reflect and nourish ourselves. This week I am taking a week off from my usual life drawing processes and course creation to rest, recuperate and give my brain some good input and inspiration.

Our art galleries are reopening now and I have REALLY missed them, so I'm taking the rest of the week to take myself off to bathe myself in art! I'll report back next week with my feeling and highlights, but my trips include a return to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Hepworth Wakefield, York City Art Gallery, Salts Mill and the Saltaire Arts Trail, plus the Van Gogh Experience in York. Visiting these things with friends and loved ones is a treat, but alone I can also indulge myself, sitting for as long as I like with one piece of art if I wish.

Wow..that's a lot of places! Exciting!

Today is the end of the Art Maps Challenge 2021...although the videos from this will stay in the facebook group, Creative Hands Tribe, so this form a pot, a library of inspiration, of creative project ideas for members to explore and dip in and out of. So, if this sounds appealing, do join the Tribe.

There has already been a flow of wonderful ideas from those taking part, from mind maps, love maps, career & education maps and so on. Some are creating their own maps and some using printed maps within an artwork.

I was reminded this morning, by Creatrix coach Ali Mapletoft, that we should never assume that we know enough....there are learning experiences all around us. What will yours be?

When was the last time you explored an art gallery?

km 24/5/21

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