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Back to scratch!

This weekend I got back to scratch! I finally attended a day course on "Big and Bold, Black & White Abstracts" with artist Jane Burnley at ArtisOn, Masham.

This introduction to abstracts day was booked in 2019 and planned to go ahead in spring only now are we able to catch up with our two-year delayed plans!

What I love about ArtisOn is that it is a really supportive, easy and affordable way to have a go at something new, something you have always fancied yet perhaps never had the opportunity, in the world of arts and crafts. Over the years I have tried many forms of printmaking, stone letter carving, ceramics, willow weaving, making art kites, exploring techniques in acrylics and collage and even stop motion animation! You also tend to go home with a finished thing that you have made entirely from scratch!

So on Saturday I go to be a beginner all over again and learn to be bold, to try new media and tools, new marks and to finally make an abstract that I like!

I adore abstract work. It is what I am always attracted to in other peoples work, but whenever I tried, I made a horrible mess. It was disheartening. So, for me, being allowed to be a beginner again, in a safe and friendly environment, with lots of different tools and media around to have a go with, made all the difference!

I painted layers, made marks, splodges, scrapes, patterns, printed, collaged and scratch through the layers. I kept turning my work over and over again so I didn't get attached to working one way or accidentally making a landscape or something recognisable. I painted over the bits I didn't like. I altered, added, took away and flipped. I created areas of contrast of tone, of shape, of line, edge and texture until suddenly I couldn't find something I wanted to change and it felt done!

Even though I am a figurative artist and this is the thing that really sets my soul on fire to work on, having a go at other arts and crafts all feeds my creativity, feeds my art, my imagination and just simply makes me happy! So why not find a place near you, an art club or a place to do a day or two's course in some new thing you've never tried before. Be a beginner, be a bit rubbish at first, it's ok, it's natural....and I guarantee you will surprise yourself!

Go bold!

KM 21/3/22

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