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Celebration and Intensions!

(Above: Compass Point, original artwork "Compass Point" | Kate Moores Artist)

Today I finally decorated the house for solstice/christmas....I got my twinkle on! In reality this is probably the earliest I have decorated and yet it feels late this year...all around me are keen to have the lights, and jollity that it brings, and I feel it too.

I also hosted my last Ask Me Anything live q&a on Instagram for 2021 as I take a break. Back to whatever my new routine will be for 2022 on Monday 3rd January.

There is a natural habit a this time of year to want to celebrate the year with each other, to feel gratitude for all that we can, to review and to set intensions for the year to come. Now I am not one for setting new years resolutions. Instead I prefer to rest, dive deep and use ritual to create a theme or intention for the coming year. I then take January to plan that out and get all into place. This way I am not disappointed in myself if I have already fallen off a resolution on day 5 of January. Allowing time to sweep out the old, plan and prepare for the new is vital.

I struggle to remember my intention setting ritual from one year to the next, so I thought I would share this one with you from a blog I've been browsing. It was intended for Autumn, a period of letting go...and also to take forward and repeat through the year..I like the look of it, so HERE!

It seemed appropriate, therefore to share the picture above, called "Compass Point". For me it represents our inner compass, moral compass and the way we adapt and move through our life journey, making adjustments, tuning into the conditions around us like wayfarers!

What is your way to celebrate and move into the new year?

May you enjoy and share all that you wish for! See you in 2022!

Big love!

KM 13/12/21

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