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Creativity & Fear, partners for life!

The more and more that I delve deeper and deeper into my own creativity and the more I read around the subject, there more I have come to understand that Creativity and Fear are life partners, to each other and to me.

Being creative, doing ANYTHING creative means doing something new or different. It can be exciting and exhilarating....but it's also SCARY!

Fear shows up in many different forms too, in procrastination, indecision and well as the butterflies, the knots of fear in our guts, the desire to bolt for the door and run out of the portrait drawing session (nearly...I nearly ran for it...but I stopped myself!)...shear fear.

We do have an excess of fear within us. It's naturally there and it serves an important purpose. It is to protect us from the sabre toothed tigers. And fear takes that important job very wants to protect us from hurt and harm. That's fine. That's fine when we are actually putting ourselves in the way of physical harm. It is NOT fine when it comes to our creative, artistic life. It wants to keep us from the potential harm that creating something new and demanding may produce. It wants to protect us from being laughed at, rejected or embarrassed. It is much safer to not make art. BORING! Fear is trying to keep me in boredom. It's safer.

I hear you, Fear, I thank you for taking your job so seriously, but I am busy right now. Do take a seat, over there, behind me...and be quiet...I'm over here, with your partner Creativity and we are busy just doing this painting thing right now. This is what I say to fear.

It will always be here. It is not to be overcome, trampled, but made friends with....for it has shown me many things that are important and necessary in my life....but it is allowed to spread out on the chair in my studio, relax and wait quietly until Creativity and I are done for the day!

If this rings true for you, as a creative person, whether a beginner, an experienced artist or someone rediscovering their creativity, do check out my Colour Mojo course, starting in September (and currently available at half price, through July), as this is a tiny touch of what I talk about in the Mojo element of the course.


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