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I am Tidal!

After an expansion - a contraction comes!

Creating and launching a big new course this year has taken me through a lot of fluxes of energy. Sometimes a lot of hard work, a big push of effort, then a contraction, a doubt, a wobble, where I take a pause. This process has been repeated all year!

Pauses, moments of stillness are important. It allows a little headspace, a chance to integrate all that has gone on and, best of all, it allows inspiration to come.

Have you ever noticed how you get all your best ideas when you're soaking in the bath, or chilling, on holiday, not wanting to think about work?

This inspiration has so far mostly come from some little piece of feedback from someone in the Creative Hands Tribe (my facebook group), a word of appreciation or seeing and feeling a moment of progression, or shift in my own work, in my art. This always reminds me of why I am creating the course, why I feel the pull to share what has worked for me on my journey into being an turn and give a hand to others on the same journey, as we scramble around our own boulders of personal blocks and difficulties.

Now I have also noticed recently that I am generally less good at looking for and accepting that hand from others for myself. I have, in the last couple of years especially, invested in coaches and courses, which have made a huge impact on me. Still though, not to self, ask for help a little more!

So today I sit feeling the contraction that has come after the big expansion of launching Colour My Mojo. I know it has taken a lot of energy to pour everything into the course creation and to get it out there, into the world. So a contraction is to be expected. It's ok.

Do you recognise this?

Do you have moments when you just want some quiet alone time to hide in the back of your cave for a while, after some big event?

I'm learning that this is all part of my ebb and flow. I know that the old masculine way of powering and pushing through is damaging for me, I know now to listen to my own energy flow and work WITH it. Because when the flow seeps back in, the work is fun and easy! I am tidal!

Recognising the contraction for what it is, is vital. I know not to give up, not to wallow, not to stay small, but to acknowledge it, rest, then gently help the inspiration to return, go for a walk, put some music on and dance and soon the flow returns!

And you? Have you felt this? Are you also tidal?

KM 6/9/21

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