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Life is Special!

Yesterday I spent the day with a friend at the Saltaire Festival. We have specifically gone to explore the Makers Fair held in Victoria Hall, yet we also enjoyed spending time in Salts Mill (my happy place!) and mooching around the village. More importantly we enjoyed each others company and slowing down, savouring the day.

As we sat on a bench in the Mill (having explored the stunning exhibitions held in the little seen Roof space, above) we shared how we were feeling around restarting doing the things we love in the continuing covid days. Weighing risks (especially spreading to others at greater risk than us) and the value these things, like dancing with strangers and friends, gives our lives. None of us know how long we have. We are all a little more determined to not let our lives drift by unfulfilled. Life is.....we often say Life is Short! Yet this feels like it comes from a place of lack, of desperation, of trying to cram everything in, because we SHOULD, because others didn't get the chance. This feels like it excludes the opportunity to slow down, to savour, to allow for creative boredom, to watch the light change. So instead my friend offered this....


How beautiful and extraordinary is that? Life is Special! Don't save that fancy THING for a special occasion, Life is Special, enjoy it today! Take your time, slow down, stop the rushing at things, savour your time, your life.

I have recently found that all my energy and attention has been focused on my work, my art, my courses, my commissions. Very little energy or attention has been given to my friends, to my own health and wellbeing (eating ice cream may feel like self care, but it's a short cut and doesn't do much for my health!), or to many other things that are important to me. So I am going to stop SHOULDing on myself and switch my mindset to one of enjoyment and savouring.

I enjoy yoga, I enjoy my strong, healthy body, I enjoy human connection, I enjoy solitude....and so on. I'm going to have a word with my subconscious and bring in a more holistic approach to enjoying and savouring...after all....Life is Special!

This is my gift to share with you today, I hope it brings you some ease or joy and that you also share it with others!

KM 19/9/21

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