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Never enough space?

I dream of a light, expansive garden studio with just enough space to feel luxurious! I may complain from time to time that my space is restricted in my little loft studio. Sometimes friends of average height have visited and realised that they can't stand up to their full height in the room...yet for me...being a little hobbit, it's just fine! Sure, I can't stretch out or do yoga up here, but I CAN stretch my artistic abilities! Before the loft was converted to storage and this occasional use space, I was trying to get creative at a table in the spare room, or the kitchen table, or anywhere I thought I might be able to set up for an hour or two.

Yes, having my own studio is a massive luxury. i do not take it for granted. I do, however, love to move it all around on a regular basis to make the most of the space for whatever my current needs are.

The Space

The loft is in two sections, divided by a white painted beam arrangement I can climb through. There is a velux window in each and a good sized led panel light with alterable hues and brightness. One section (above right) has a little table acting as my desk and is storage space for little used materials, framed artworks ready to sell and my admin records and accounts.

The other section is the creative space which now has my easel dead centre. There are storage cubbies and tables to keep materials to hand, in organised storage and a large box holding finished, unframed works for sale. This is my stash ready for North Yorkshire Open Studios in June! Both spaces also feature inspirational artworks by other artists, plants and treasure!

Beyond this mid section is a storeroom for household stuff, Christmas decorations, the boiler, mailing materials and, inevitably, my archive of old paintings.

What is kept to hand?

To the left of my easel is a tv screen. I do the vast majority of my life drawing via zoom since covid. I love working with the wide range of model artists, interesting groups and distant friends. It means I get to stay in my comfort zone with all my materials to hand and, when working to commission, that the client can also stay in their own comfort zone...essential when baring ones body and soul for the artist!

Below the tv screen is a stack of acrylic trays of various charcoals, charcoal pencils and soft pastels. The clear storage means I can easily see exactly what is where.

To the right of my easel I have a little folding table which holds my immediate painting supplies, a couple of trays working as a wet palette (an ongoing palette which stays wet and useable for several weeks) a jar and tub of brushes and tools plus a bigger bucket of water for brushes to get cleaned in as I work. I also keep rags and kitchen roll to hand.

This all means that if I am working with a client via zoom or in a life drawing group session, i can easily switch between painting and drawing, or mixing them up, without having to go hunting for anything.

Behind my wheelie stool is an easy to reach stash of plain and prepared papers, plus sketch books of various shapes and sizes, all ready to go!

It may not be pristine or good looking, yet my little loft studio is just how I want it...for now! I have all I need to hand, I can find everything I need. There is sky above me and inspiration all around me. I love it!

Thanks for joining me in my studio today! You can check out North Yorkshire Open Studios here NYOS – North Yorkshire Open Studios and visit a taster exhibition for it here From Moors, Coast, Dale and Beyond (

KM 31 March 2023

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