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Recharging the Batteries!

How do you feel when you see this?

Ooh Yeah! If you're anything like me, this makes me feel restful, calm, happy, expansive and full of the joys of life! I'm not gonna lie....I've really missed this!

I have one week of this bliss, on the west coast of Scotland, each year...ideally. I found an exciting new holiday cottage to try, on the other side of the loch from where I most often stay. I booked it last year (yes, 2019...which seems longer than a year ago, doesn't it?!) and it was touch an go until about 3 days before I was due to go there, whether it was possible! It's been a long haul to get to this retreat week. I was pining for the ...well....not the fjords, but the lochs and mountains!

I am very grateful to live in a thriving village in North Yorkshire. I love my home. But going away, the change of scenery, really recharges the batteries in a way I can't do at home. At home we are surrounded by the domestic necessities, the unfinished diy jobs, the day-to-day nitty gritty. A week away frees us from this and lets us see our world with fresh eyes. We sleep better, we eat better, we get lots of fresh air, we are free to explore! And what did I find in my exploring?

I found a new, fresh reconnection with the senses. A really simple connection. The stunning colour of an autumn leaf, the taste of wild blackberries when half way up a hill, the smell of bog myrtle, the sound of stillness, the feel of my bare feet on wet grass.

I have been enjoying Philippa Stanton's book "Conscious Creativity" and thrilling at how she speaks my language, showing me just how much I use all my sense when I'm in full creative flow! There were some lovely exercises to do with collections of objects, colours, textures etc which I share here. This retreat, this reconnection with my conscious use of the senses has sparked something...I feel a project coming on that you can all take part in!

I have come home refreshed, recharge, well fed by the drama of the, quite frankly, blumin' incredible landscape. The cobwebs have been well and truly blown away!

Have you been able to find a way to recharge your batteries? What works for you?

Now I'm back to work, just finished a commission portrait, a self portrait and dived deep into some amazing zoom life drawing events! Lots more work to come on the website. If you follow me on social media and see something you like, just ask, as I may not have had a clear, dry day to take work outside to photograph for the website shop!

Keep your eyes our for a Five Sense Forage challenge coming soon!

Big love to you all, stay safe, healthy and happy!

Kate x

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