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Refilling the well!

Rest and renewal,is important for all of us and feels especially important during the autumn. So yesterday I spent the afternoon on a solo Artists Date at one of my happy places, Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

After a lovely lunch at the Weston and a wander around the beautiful and thought provoking exhibition of Annie Morris “When a Happy Thing Falls” I set off for a good stomp around the park to see where my feet (breaking in new walking boots) would take me. Dodging rain showers in the woodland I ventured from one end of the park, at the Weston, to the far end at the Upper Lake, among drifts of golden beech leaves. Making a big loop I stopped to sit on a bench (and wrestle with my slipped sock!) and do a little mark making and colour sketching before heading to the warmth of the gift shop and then home. With cobwebs well and truly blown away, I feel lighter, refreshed, eyes opened to new possibilities. I finally, after a good chat with my new Creatrix friend Kathleen, feel ready to explore combining my dreams and stories, music and dance into my art more too. My well of inspiration and enthusiasm is refilled!

Where do you go to rejuvenate yourself?

Check out Yorkshire Sculpture Park at

KM 6/11/21

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