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The Last Half of the Year?!

July? How did that happen?

I took a week off from the blog and admin last week to have a big attic declutter and studio got REALLY messy before it got better. I now not only have a place to paint, but I can also easily get to my Christmas decorations at any moment!

I have also been busy planning the next six months of creativity challenges that take place in my facebook group, Creative Hands Tribe and a couple of ticketed play-shop events for any artists and creatives looking for a new project.

So below is a heads up of the next six months events. If you haven't already, do pop along and join the Creative Hands Tribe to take part.

In amongst all this I will also have my one and only art show of the year, Art in the Pen, Skipton on 14-15th August. It's advance booking only, so do book your tickets now. come find me when you arrive, I'll have lots of new work all freshly framed and will be sketching while I'm there!

The Monthly Challenges...

Two ticketed play-shop events for your calendar...

See you somewhere soon, in art!


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