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Time for a fresh! Winter draws on!

I have spent the past 10 months planning, researching, creating, having epiphanies, re-planning, filming and creating my Colour My Mojo course.

It went through some stages, as many painting do, where it was like wading through treacle, and other stages, recently, where it just flowed! It's maiden voyage is underway and I love it! And I am so glad it is done now!

Colour My Mojo has taken up so much time and headspace that other areas of my business have been side-lined, out of necessity. And yet, on the day that I completed the final touches to the online course, I also held a clarity call with a client to start our process towards their Body Celebration Portrait! This made me so delighted. I feel so honoured to work with people through this process.

At the same time I am also finally starting the art business course that I signed up to over a month help me pull all of the strands of my work together and connect with people who want this work, or my artworks, in their lives.

So yes, after 10 months of work on my online course creation, I am ready for a fresh start. I have naturally started clearing out and reorganising my studio space, like a spring clean...but, well, in October! My head is clearing and I am feeling lighter and more excited to breathe new air, lift my head to the autumn skies, wrap my favourite scarf around my shoulders and allow my instinct and intuition to show me the way. When we are stuck in the busy-ness of life it is easy to feel like we lose a little of ourselves, to be all "up in our heads" and disconnected from our bodies, and physical sensations. We often dislike parts of our body or feel shame for them not looking the way the media portrays as the "ideal". This can make us depressed, lacking in drive or passion. It can affect how we interact with others in our work, socially, with loved ones, or with ourselves. It can wear away our self esteem and we often feel stuck, unseen, unheard and unable to achieve all that we desire. Trust me. I've been there! I have spent most of life feeling unattractive, awkward and invisible. I have been a people-pleaser, putting my own hopes and dreams on a back-burner. I have lacked confidence in my abilities and labelled myself as a dreamer and a non-achiever. Through my own personal development journey through yoga, meditation, tantra, coaches and mentors, supportive women's group and many, many books I know that I have everything I need within me, I just need to reconnect with that, to lose the old stories that no longer serve me. I was also a blocked artist for most of my life, not having found my Thing! Until I faced a fear and tried life drawing! I was terrified, and I had no idea why...clearly my fear was showing me my Thing! I have learnt that through drawing the human form, we see the beauty, vulnerability, power and joy in everyone. When we look at a figurative painting we are not body-shaming or judging, we are looking and connecting with art. Last year drew my own body and painted it on canvas...and through this I gradually felt real love and gratitude for my body. I felt my self confidence and passion grow daily, whenever I connect with that painting. It has been a visual anchor to the emotions I was feeling when I painted it.

And last week I painted myself again. This time a calmer, more grounded me (above). This is the me that has emerged from a series of covid lockdowns. Heavier and lighter all at the same time. Heavier from eating ALL the ice cream, lighter for all the unnecessary things I let go of.

And you? Are you ready for a fresh start? For a celebration simply of having got this far?

KM 31/10/21

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