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Wellness and Creativity

This weekend I have been running a Creative Wellness Weekend in the Creative Hands Tribe.

Creative activities can decrease depressive symptoms, reduce stress, and in some cases, increase the immune system and cognitive strength.

Artistic expression is a fabulous, enjoyable process that enhances our moods and emotions. Through art we can be more honest, more truly ourselves. We are all far more creative, colourful and playful than we know, and than we often allow ourselves to this was a space to be playful!

I focused on six important facets that improve our wellbeing, wellness, quality of life. These areas affect our emotional, mental, physical and economic well being, which in turn influence each other.

  1. Connecting with Others. This builds a sense of belonging and self worth through sharing our experiences. This is an important part of the Creative Hands Tribe....and I also encourage you to get connecting with people, sharing your creativity, sharing this challenge.

  2. Alone time, to recharge, focus, rejuvenate and to be autonomous, know that you are ok alone. This is especially vital for introverts.

  3. Physical Activity. "Demons don't like fresh air" i find it very beneficial to get outside, into nature, for a stomp...a fast walk, alone. this gives me headspace and I notice the passing of the seasons, get exercise and fresh air. Some love to be in the woods, by water, in the mountains, on the moor tops, in a city or urban environment. Some love to bike, push, run or dance. I especially love to put on a favourite track and dance around the house like a wild thing. It works every time! Physical activity also creates chemical changes in our brains that make us feel good. The endorphin effect.

  4. Learning New Skills. Well this is the Creative Hands Tribe all over! Learning something new increases our self esteem & confidence, gives a sense of purpose and often involves connecting with others too. In this area I suggested making colourful painted pages, to explore mark making with new tools not tried before, to try blind drawing, collaging and even creating a vision board of your own and others work, noticing what you like about each chosen artwork, what you may try your hand at in the future. We tried pillow-screaming, journaling, scrawling and painting over the words as a form of emotional release! We had it all going on!

  5. Giving to Others. this gives us purpose, self worth, positive feelings and a sense of reward, of connecting with others. I really like the idea of random acts of the film Amelie for inspiration! To do this within the weekend of creative play we made cards and postcards from some of the pages we painted, and sent them to friends, family, people we miss, people who we felt to reach out to.

  6. Being in the Present Moment. This can be in many forms from guided meditations, effortless meditation, listening to the breath, focusing entirely on one job such as washing dishes by hand, or focusing on a drawing. Quieting the mind, calming the reactions and responses and seeing the beauty in the little things.

I shared all these tools in the Creative Hands Tribe so those taking part this weekend, or later on catch up, can pick and choose what they want to try and share their work, thoughts and feelings on the experience. If you fancy trying it, do come and join the Creative Hands Tribe in facebook. Our monthly challenges are all there to explore like a library!

What do you do to rest, revive and rejuvenate?

KM 22/8/21

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