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What are your favourite colour combos?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Why do I care so much about colour?

For me colour is my experience of the world. It is emotion, connection, moods, seasons, experiences, it effects how I feel about smells, tastes and textures, it attracts, it effects, it speaks.

This is not just in art, but in every aspect of my daily life.

We all have a favourite colour or ten and often favourite colour combinations, like pink with grey or turquoise with fresh green. These are often by association, colours that make us feel a certain way. Colours make us relaxed, happy, excited, warm, cold and so on.

In art we use colour and tone to make 2D things seem 3D, to be nearer or further away, or, again, to express particular feelings or moods.

Learning about colour, as an artist, is the quickest and easiest way for us to improve our paintings, our art, whatever area it may be. This is why July and August will be extra colour focused, as I am building a new online course to be launched in early September. Colour Mojo is a 10 week course and will be run just once a year. It will transform now only how you may paint the world, if you are an artist, but also how you SEE the world!

Running up to the launch of Colour Mojo (which can now be pre-booked at half price through July only) I will be running a One Colour challenge in the Creative Hands Tribe and a Colourful Sketchbooks one-day course via zoom on 24th July.

Check out all these Creative Hands Courses here Creative Hands Courses (

And What of Mojo?

Well, I can honestly tell you that my own personal Mojo is low today. It ebbs and flows. I have had a period of expansion, visiting galleries, seeing much missed friends and learning lots of new things about myself and my art. I always find there is a period of contraction, immediately after a period of expansion. I feel grouchy, irritable and impatient. And THAT's OK! By acknowledging it, and accepting it for what it is, I know it'll pass and I will soon be back in the flow again having shifted something inside me. I've taken myself out for a brief change of scenery, then eaten some lush fruit, drunk lots of water, made a brew and put some music fact I know that if I have a bit of a dance and freak-out to music I will considerably raise my vibe....but for now, chilling out is just fine. Getting stuff done also helps.

So what do you do to raise your vibe?

KM 12/7/21

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