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What do you want to improve, personally and artistically?

This was a juicy question I was asked recently in one of my Ask Me Anything Monday sessions, live on Instagram. It has really set me thinking.

I am now one month into being co-owner of the Saltbox Gallery in Helmsley. We've had a HUGE amount of work to do, getting organised, learning new processes, redesigning and rearranging the artworks in the space and so on. This has drastically reduced the amount of time I've spent in my studio this month and thankfully that is now settling down a little. So, I am looking at improving my time management! Having the gallery also takes the pressure off my art to earn me a living...which feels like a nice weight off my shoulders actually. It gives me a sense of freedom in the studio.

So in order to know what I want to improve, I often look at where I procrastinate. I now that procrastination is actually my fear or anxiety protecting me. When I acknowledge that I can see more clearly that I am putting off the important stuff! Usually I procrastinate over not having the right kit, the time or the space.

I can see that I want a clearer, more intentional studio habit, built on my energy and mood flow, not doggedly forcing myself to work when I just don't have the energy.

I'd also like to better understand what time of day, in each season, I do different types of work best. I know summer evenings are great for me to feel energised for life drawing sessions, for instance. It is often harder in the winter to find that drive. So, understanding my seasonal and daily rhythms is high on my list of things to improve.

From there I want to improve my organisational skills, from my computer and photo folders, to reviewing and planning events, home/garden improvements and attending new courses. Perhaps the bullet journal will reappear! And Habit Stacking!

This past year I have realised just how much I am determined to do everything myself. I am strongly independent, often to my own detriment. Often I will prefer to do a job poorly myself than ask for help. I can definitely improve this!

Artistically, I am working on a new series combining painting, collage and life drawing on 60cm square boards. The series is based on the emotions around First Love and I am experimenting with ways to bring an air of mystery and glow to my work. Now I have the gallery, I can use my studio time to really play and explore. My studio has a large stash of different paints, inks, and materials, so I can stop myself browsing the online art supply shops and use what I have around me.

Let's do this together...create with the materials we have around us, in the tiny puddles of time we can find, in the space we have right now and stop listening to all our old procrastination stories!

What are you looking to improve? We traditionally use new year to review and plan...what happens if we start now, as we settle into autumn....take our time to listen, learn, ask for advice?

KM 16/9/22

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