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What Switched on my Artist Lightbulb?

March 2018, just a couple of weeks after my 50th birthday, I turned up at ArtisOn, Masham, for a day course, as I have done many times, but this time I felt sick with nerves. I was shaking! The difference from the other day courses I've done? It was called an "Introduction to Life Drawing" and I couldn't draw!

I have played around with all manner of art forms and crafts, all my life, although I never felt I had found My Thing. Nor did I feel I could, in any way, call myself an Artist....with a capital A! I had always fancied having a go at life drawing, never having had the opportunity at school. I love figurative works, and yes, I love the human body in all its forms. But I had never attempted life drawing and always held back and made excuses when I saw courses advertised. I was afraid. I can't draw. That's what my inner voice has told me, for years and years. I don't remember how that voice started...but it lied! By the end of the day I felt like I could FLY!

This was IT! This was my turning point, my epiphany, my crossroads!

I rearranged my life a little to get myself to regular life drawing classes. My fear went with me. There were times I wanted to bolt for the door! I allowed my fear to go with me, I acknowledged it, but I made it shut up and sit in the corner! Now it cuts a much smaller figure, yet it is still useful. Fear often guides you to the things you need.

Now my inner artist has be released, age 50! There's no stopping. Now all my other arts and crafts skill are feeding in. I have learnt that artists don't have to have just one perfect style for them, but can enjoy multiple techniques and styles which all feed each other. Who knows where it will lead? Come with me! This is just the beginning!

"First" created on that very first day course, my epiphany piece. Now owned by dear friend Sarah Saynor. Worked entirely in charcoal.

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