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21 Little Longings for 2021 landing on Friday!

2020....what to say? For all that has gone on this year (I do not want to belittle the bad stuff, there's been a lot of it and I am sure we have all lost someone to, suffered or had friends suffer covid or it's effects) there has been gold in the darkness. I for one have benefitted from the dropping away of the busy-ness of life. I've felt much more able to make my own choices, learn, experiment, improve my work and myself. I feel many of us have found ways to be a little kinder, share a little more love. Yet there are so many little things that I have missed. Many little things that I have got by without, but, underneath, I do ache and long for.

I have not worked on small paintings for almost 2 years now. But I felt inspired, as 2020 moves towards 2021, to create a series of paintings to reflect my Little Longings for 2021.

So a beautiful e-brochure of the first 7 of my "21 Little Longings for 2021" has gone out to my lovely mailing list subscribers today, who get first dibs on these until the morning Friday 18th December. At this point any remaining will then go on general sale on the website.

(Be warned...I'm being super open and honest about what I long for...I'm not holding back!)

I am creating these in 3 groups of 7 ( just to avoid my own overwhelm...coz, you know, Christmas and I'm also creating a course launching at the end of January!) the next is planned for two weeks time, between Christmas and New Year and the final 7 coming in mid January. As ever, these will go on sale to my subscribers first, so do, if you haven't already, sign up for that. My Scribblings from my Studio newsletter will also be the only access to my new Sketches from January 2021. The archive will stay on the website for a while, but new sketches will only be available through my newsletter. I will also give plenty of behind the scenes thoughts and ideas, news of any events that ,may happen next year, a heads up on my coming Creative Hands Courses plus monthly creative challenges to try your hand at!

Back to the Little Longings launch...

These paintings will go live on my website on Friday 18th December.

Each painting is in acrylic on 20x20cm x4.5cm deep chunky canvases.

Each is £121 (with £4 uk p&p, or overseas at cost).

Pop the date in your calendar and come snap up a rare little treasure!

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