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Going Exclusive!

Here are 3 news snippets from my studio to share with you this week:

1. From January 2021 I will only be offering my Sketches from professional life drawing sessions, via my Scribblings mailing list exclusively, NOT on my do make sure you are signed up!

2. In line with this, I will be launching the first of part of my new series "21 Little Longings for 2021", in my Scribblings newsletter, exclusively from 14th December! (any remaining will then go on general sale on the website from 18th December) It's been yonks since I painted small canvases and these 20x20cm and 4.5cm deep chunkies are all about expressing 21 little things that I long for in 2021. Simple things we probably all miss, like hugs, the cinema and meals with a throng of friends, but some longings are much more personal, or intimate, that you may enjoy or connect with in your own way. Again, make sure you are signed up to my mailing list to get first dibs, as these will fly!

3. 2021 brings bigger news still....I am driven and determined to help more people have some form of creative life and to enable others to liberate their inner artist (hopefully bypassing the lost years and pitfalls that I suffered!) And so CREATIVE HANDS COURSES will launch in early 2021! Watch this space, particularly if you have a bluebird singing in your heart, that wants to be let out!

Remember you can still support me on by "buying me a tube of paint", gift certificates, sketches or original paintings on my website.

If you feel you would be interested in my Creative Hands Courses please contact me at and also pop along and join my Creative Hands Tribe Facebook Group for a head start! This is a space where I will share ideas, thoughts and little creative challenges. It is also for you to share your work and to give and receive a Creative Hand!

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